Do You Remember…The Wild Scallion (Leonardo, NJ)

Unlike the other restaurants profiled in “Do You Remember…”, it is hard not to “remember” Leonardo’s Wild Scallion. Even though they have been closed for what seems like more than 15 years, the sign still remains. I have vague memories of eating there as a small child. I could not have been more than 10 years old, but I can recall some of the interior but not the food I would have eaten. It was known for seafood, but knowing me at that age, I probably went with a burger or sandwich of some kind. As a kid, I loved the name of this place (and still do).

People who go back even further to this area may remember The Lobsterman which operated successfully for decades at the same location. Judging by the appearance, the Wild Scallion appears to have used the same building, just renovated. Both of these businesses had largely successful runs, but the property has sat vacant and for sale since the Wild Scallion’s closing. The location is in a no man’s land of sorts: easily accessible on Route 36, but not close enough to the beach or area attractions to be profitable in this day and age. About two years ago, rumors circulated that an Italian restaurant was going to open in its place, but that quickly died down. Whether the stories were not credible or a possible buyer backed out is unknown, but they cannot be blamed for the decision if so.

Wawa thrives right next door, but so do all Wawa’s. Between driving down Routes 35 and 36 in this area, there are no shortage of failed businesses, especially restaurants. Many of these locations have sat vacant for years. Steak & Ale was in the same boat, but was recently demolished and there are plans to develop multiple businesses on the property. Who else has memories of the Wild Scallion or Lobsterman? We’d love to hear them.



  1. I ate lunch at the Lobsterman with friends every Friday from 1977 til around 1992. Lots of great memories. Problem with the location now is since Wawa come along there is only about 10 or 12 parking spaces for the restaurant.

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  2. Gary is right, most of the parking was across the street, the remaining parking is just not enough to sustain a good restaurant. The Sunday Brunches, at the Lobsterman can never be duplicated in these times. All you could eat at a very reasonable price, with unlimited Bloody Marys of Memoisas! I would start with breakfast and eat my way right into dinner! All in the course of 4 hours.


  3. The Lobsterman was the favorite restaurant of my parents. They would take my 2 sisters and I there a couple times a year. We would drive down from West Orange for Sunday afternoon dinner. I agree with the other folks that most of the parking was in a lot next to the restaurant.


  4. I was just sent some old family photos. We used to live in Maplewood, NJ, and my Dad took me down to Sandy Hook sometimes. I have very faint memories of eating at the Lobsterman (probably a grilled cheese!). Here’s a pic of me and my Dad there – not sure of exact year. I’m thinking roughly 1983 or 1984:

    I looked on Google Street view and the rounded brick planter and light with bent arm are still there.


  5. I miss The Lobsterman. We loved their lobster stuffed with crabmeat. If anyone knows the recipe for the lobster stuffing I would appreciate it. We lived in Lakeridge in Matawan for years. We took our 2 kids there for dinner often. The owner sold the place supposedly because he was moving to the Bahamas!


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