Red Bank’s The Globe is Worth Being Written About Twice

I posted my first review of The Globe two years ago. I had stopped in for a quick lunch and drink with a friend and was inspired to give them a good rating. I also felt that I had to dispel the notion that this was a “dive bar”. It is not and probably never was. It is a neighborhood bar. Justin and I are typically two of the younger people in the place, but that does not bother me at all. Anywhere not overrun by millennials looking for a “scene” to blow tons of money on anything with the word “craft” in the title and make fools of themselves is okay in my book. Well, more than just okay.

Until about three or four months ago, I had only been to The Globe a few times. Since then, Justin and I have become regulars. We’re there usually once a week, though the day varies. We also usually end up at the same table as fate would have it—by the far wall near the specials board. I’m happy to report that many of these visits occur on Ranger game nights and there is always a hockey game on. There was a time when you could not get me out of the house when they were playing. But what makes The Globe so special? Is it the drinks? The food? The service? Obviously, it is a little bit of all three, but what puts it over the edge compared to other bars in the area is the last bit: the service.

The bartenders and waitresses there are experienced. They are a bit older. They are the “been there, done that” type. Because of this, they tend to leave you alone. They don’t circle your table or bar-stool like a hawk ready to prompt you for your next round. You place your order, they bring it, and rather than harass, they go away for a little while. There is hardly anything more irksome to me at a bar than being asked every five minutes if I want another drink. In my first review, I said, “In posh Red Bank, with skyrocketing prices, hipsters galore, and hoity-toity establishments lined up on the streets one after the other, The Globe is quite refreshing. No pretentiousness here. They know their identity.” Two years later and I still stand by that.

If we visit on a Tuesday, we love getting Wendy as our waitress. After having her only once the week before, she came up to our table, pointed at Justin and said, “You had the Budweiser?” and then at me, “And you were the Jack on the rocks?” We both nodded in amazement at the fact that she remembered our order. She even remembered that we had wings and asked if we wanted to put an order in. We said we wanted to drink and chat for a bit first, and like I noted above, she understood and didn’t pressure us into getting anything until we were ready. She was very pleasant to talk to that night, and all ensuing Tuesday nights that we can make it. There was another night a few weeks later when we were sitting at that same table and we heard a voice from behind me say, “Hey! What are you doing here without me!?” I turned and it was Wendy who was there as a patron on her night off. We spoke for a while, which was really nice. I thought that this must be some establishment if even the workers are coming to hang out on their nights off.

That’s a key phrase there: hanging out. I feel like I’m not going there to just eat or drink but to spend some time in a cool environment talking, catching a game, or just plain ol’ people watching. We’re starting to recognize other regulars there as well. Guess we found our place. I also want to add that Mike on Thursday nights is another awesome guy who is chill, funny, and someone else who knows when to pop by to see if you need anything. I’ve never had a negative experience with any worker there, but these are the two whose names I actually know.


Finally, I want to end on the food-related note that this place still cranks out the best wings in the area. We usually get the hot Thai wings which come drenched in a sweet but spicy sauce. No matter how much they add, the wings are always crispy. There’s that and the “potachos”, which are thick-cut cottage fries covered in melted cheese, bacon, onions, and jalapeno (the Disco Fries are pretty good too). There isn’t anything better snack-wise that goes with an ice-cold beer…or beer and a shot. Burgers are also top-notch. Justin usually gets the Globe Burger with a side of the cheese sauce, and we have both enjoyed the bacon cheeseburger sliders they offer as an appetizer. I’ve never had a bad meal, and I have eaten quite a few items (mainly sandwiches) off the menu. Food specials can also be creative, especially for a noted bar. On a given night they may have fajitas, kielbasa and sauerkraut, or even a meatloaf dinner. You never know what you’ll find.

This is a place where everyone drinks—white collar, blue collar, doesn’t matter. Whether you are a local who has never made it in or a tourist coming to the Red Bank area for the day, I strongly urge you to give The Globe a try. Not only will you find a refreshing taste of “old” Red Bank, but you just may end up becoming endeared like I was. Sometimes you have to look outside of the brochures and tourists guides to find the real gems a town has to offer.



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