Travel PA 2019 Part 2: The Old Candle Barn

One of our first stops after getting breakfast at Dienner’s when we arrived and satisfying my urge for Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple that I cannot get back home was the Old Candle Barn in Intercourse. I had been here many times as a child. Our house was decorated in country at one point. I remember trying to take in all the different colors and styles of candles, and going down into the basement to watch the candle-makers at work. 

With Justin being a big-time candle collector (and recently getting me interested as well), this had to be a must. We went inside and he was blown away. We are not much into country decor for our house, but the nostalgia of the items brings me back. Then there are the aromas of candles and potpourri. It is amazing what walking around a shop can do to stimulate your senses. We walked around for a bit, grabbed some candles, and then went into the basement. There was an Amish man dipping candles. We were the only people down there, and he stopped working to greet us. He asked us where we are from. I then had to ask him how long he had been working there because he looked like the man I saw as a child. He told us that he had been there for more than 30 years and that it was probably him who I saw years ago.

One more item we picked up was a beach lantern which is lit by lamp oil. They have the lanterns on display and you let them know the number and they go in the back and get it for you. The workers were friendly enough to give us some tips regarding the wick. Unfortunately, we did not check the box and when we got home to New Jersey discovered it was the wrong lantern. However, we called them and they said to keep it and that they would mail along the correct one. This was a wonderful way to fix the problem and we really appreciated the gesture and still want to return the other lamp on our next visit. The Old Candle Barn has been a mainstay in my “rounds” while in Lancaster forever. This will continue. Do yourself a favor and forego the many gift shops loaded with tchotchkes and get yourself (or a friend/family member) something real to take home.

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