Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse Coming to Middletown

Spring is a time for renewal, and the same can be said about restaurants. This cold winter, we have already seen the coming and going of several. Some are chains, others are small businesses. This spring, there appears to be a wave of even more new restaurants arriving to our area of Monmouth County. The first we will get to is Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse, which is moving into where Bonefish Grill vacated more than a year ago. 

While Italian restaurants are not known for their steaks (in my experience) this is still an exciting development. Most Italian places in this area are pizzeria-based, and few offer beef on their menu aside from cheesesteaks if they have a sandwich section on the menu. The selections between such restaurants are usually similar, if not identical: mostly chicken, some seafood, and maybe veal and/or a pork chop offering. A steakhouse with an Italian flair would be a welcomed sight to the Middletown area. I also assume they will have a bar, as the Bonefish Grill location did have a liquor license.

I have some intel that states Gabriella’s is related to the highly-rated Patricia’s of Holmdel, but cannot completely confirm that at this time. We do not yet have an opening date, but it is slated to be some time in the spring. Best of luck and looking forward to trying it!


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