New Year’s Eve Nibbles

This New Year’s Eve was very different as we chose to ring it in with a combination of homemade nibbles and Chinese food. Did we really need the latter? No, probably not. There was just way too much food. I didn’t take pictures of any of the takeout, but it included a beef and broccoli in garlic sauce, house special lo mein, sesame chicken, beef dumplings, and shrimp toast. Let’s just say there were plenty of leftovers for the next day. Below are our homemade additions to the menu, and be on the lookout for another Takeout Joints post later today.

Justin started me off with a dry gin martini before we all moved to a pitcher of sour apple martinis which I had mixed earlier in the day. The sweet and sour combination seemed the perfect way to cap off the year.

Fried artichoke hearts.

Pan de Champagne from Wegman’s. Described as French bread with a touch of rye flour.

The star of the show right here. It was a softer, sharper brie if I had to describe it. Spread like butter. In the background is French Cultured Butter (also from Wegman’s) which I used to saute the next dish.

Escargot. First time in my life I’ve ever had them.

My mom’s beer cheese dip and pretzels.


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