2018 Holiday Buying Guide: Kamora Coffee Liqueur

There are some knock-offs that truly taste like their inspiration. Others are fruitless wannabees that tried in vain to be something they could never be. Kamora Coffee Liqueur manages to avoid the latter and taste almost identical to Kahlua. I was never a big drinker of coffee liqueur, but then Justin really got into White Russians (this without having seen The Big Lebowski). It was a time to experiment. One evening we had run out of Kahlua and I really wanted to make him the drink that night. I did not feel like driving to the local Bottle King, which has the best prices in the area. Instead, I went right down the street to a neighborhood liquor store where I knew the prices would be higher. I figured that was the price to pay for convenience. Well, to hell with that.

Kahlua is normally priced at Bottle King at around $21.99. It was at this place for $28.99. That was just not going to do it for me. I noticed something called Kamora on the shelf below it for $13.99 and thought to myself if mixed with vodka and cream/milk for a White Russian, maybe the flavor would be similar. For that price it was worth a shot.

The flavor ended up not being similar, but identical. When drank on its own and when mixed into a White Russian, neither of us could tell the difference. There is a bit of mystique with exactly what liquor constitutes Kamora. Kahlua is, of course, coffee blended with rum. Kamora boasts a mention of being “imported” and containing the “finest beans” on their label but not much else. Not even does the website offer any hints to what comprises their recipe. Does this make me like it any less? Not at all. Their website also features a delicious-looking recipe for a coffee-flavored Manhattan.

Considering this comes in at nearly half the price and equals the flavor of the preeminent coffee liqueur on the market, Kamora becomes a perfect candidate for this holiday column. Whether you are looking for an economical way to throw a cocktail party or are looking for something to give the coffee lover in your life, you cannot go wrong with this stuff.

More in this holiday buying guide can be found here.


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