2018 Holiday Liquor Buying Guide: Black Box Spirits

This column is going to serve as a guide for what you may buy for the person who appreciates liquor in your life. However, the first installment is not necessarily what you would get for someone as a gift, but rather, what you might want to have on hand for that holiday party you are throwing. 

You probably recognize Black Box as the company that provides a higher quality boxed wine. That was all I knew they produced. I started following their Instagram and realized they have actually moved on to spirits. They have a line of hard liquor that includes vodka, tequila, gin, and whiskey, all in the confines of a black box. They measure 1.75 liters each. At first I was skeptical, until I was able to try samples of their vodka and whiskey. It was nothing like I expected.

The whiskey was a good mixing whiskey. Those who like to add to Coca Cola, ginger ale, or even play around with a Manhattan will find a good companion. It is potent enough that you will know what you are drinking but mild enough to not take away from the cocktail. I thought it was better than average. However, it was the vodka that really had me.

Some people say vodka is vodka. I agree to an extent. Certain brands, though, just have a funky taste to them. Black Box does not. This is vodka good enough to drink on the rocks with a lemon peel, or mix with tonic. You could even do a martini.

Holiday parties can get crazy with bottles everywhere. This would be a chance to simplify the situation by adding a box of this or that. The spout comes out of the box and acts like a tap. There was no dripping from either product I used and it was easy to measure shots. As someone who has bartended holiday parties with my caterer friend, I can say that having vodka in a box would have made my life much easier for the sheer convenience of the pouring.

For those reasons above, Black Box Whiskey and Vodka are highly recommended, not just for holiday parties, but to keep on your bar year-round. Go give it a try. This company is much more than wine.


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