Food Pics from my Grandma’s 90th Birthday Dinner

My grandma’s 90th birthday was the other day and we ironically took her to Nonna’s (which means “grandma” in Italian) in Englishtown. This is a restaurant which has cranked out quality meals and cocktails without fail every single time I have gone there. Their prices may be on the higher side but the portions are enormous and you will not leave hungry. They also provide some of the best complimentary bread and accouterments you will get anywhere. We were so enraptured by the food that we actually forgot to take pictures of ourselves…and grandma! Please enjoy the following, and check out my previous review.

One almost doesn’t need any additional food when given a selection like this. Sometime I just want to sit at the bar with a martini and the hope that they will keep bringing me this bread.

Speaking of martinis, here was as well-crafted a one as you are going to get. Large glass, ice-cold, and three gorgeous olives. The key here was not much vermouth. It tasted as if it was just kissed by some.

Appetizers were the fried zucchini and fried calamari, which was tossed with bits of cherry peppers. The garlic aioli served with both was delicious.

My chicken parm. Second time I’ve had it in five visits. The cutlets are always paper-thin, crispy, and covered with just the right amount of sauce. I also substitute rustic mashed potatoes for the pasta, and what a hefty portion it was.

A shot of the whole table. Aside from my chicken parm, from left to right: mom had rigatono bolognese, grandma had frutta di mare, and Justin went with the “Sunday Sauce” dinner which included a meatball, sausage, and a rather large short rib.


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