Restaurant Review #200: The Joint (Bethlehem, PA)

After an excellent lunch at Thai Thai, Justin and I hit up a small coffee shop called The Joint which is in an alleyway and off the beaten path. The inside was cute. They had chalkboard walls with their menu colorfully presented. A list of recommended books on another wall was a nice touch. But it all ended there. A child who could not have been older than eight or nine was at the register. There was no adult supervision for most of our order. I have no problem with kids working in the restaurant business. Better to learn it early. However, he clearly had no idea what he was doing. If we had a question, he had to nervously look over and ask someone else. After a few of these (such as what flavor shots are available, etc), an adult came over. However, the arrival of this adult who was equally clueless did not help things.

Instead, he had no idea about anything either. Even punching the order in the computer was a chore. The kicker was when Justin paid, the man let the kid ring us up. I got a small cold brew. Justin ordered an iced macchiato with flavor shots of coconut and mocha. Here’s where a second kicker comes in: the man says to Justin, “Do you go to Starbucks ever?”. He responded with a slow and surprised, “Yes, and Dunkin Donuts too.” He then leans in and says, “How do they make macchiatos over there? Like, this is my first week so…” his voice trailed off. Justin explained it. Espresso on ice with milk. Add the shots. Done.

What we received was the following: the mocha and coconut shots ended up in my coffee, and for Justin’s, they literally poured hot espresso over ice and added foam for some reason. It was bitter, weak, and disgusting. Better yet, it was served in what was little more than a shot glass. Mine was fine. It just was not worth it, though. It took nearly 15 minutes for these two simple orders to be completed, all while two other employees in the back just stood there letting these two represent their business. No amount of charm can surpass horrible coffee and atrocious service. I give The Joint a 2 out of 5 stars for the sole reason my coffee was drinkable.

The Joint is located at 77 West Broad Street in Bethlehem, PA.

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