Upcoming PA Posts from Adamstown, Reading, Kutztown, and Bethlehem

Aside from the regularly scheduled “Photo of the Day” posts, the next 10 or so reviews and write-ups are going to be from my recent trip to Pennsylvania. In the last few days, I visited some new places and during that span hit up eight different restaurants. There are reviews of those coming as well as thoughts on the towns we passed through…and an incident that occurred at Crystal Cave while we were there! Below was our itinerary in case you are looking for a similar trip. The list will be updated with hyperlinks as I write them.

Day 1 (Adamstown and Reading)

  • Lunch at Procopio’s
  • Antiquing at several locations, including Renninger’s
  • Reading Pagoda
  • Checked in at Double Tree Reading
  • Dinner at Sofrito
  • Drinks at Cheer’s American Bistro

Day 2 (Kutztown and Bethlehem)

  • Departed Reading for Crystal Cave
  • Arrived in Bethlehem to explore the town
  • Snacking at Cluster’s Popcorn
  • Lunch at Ripper’s Pub
  • Central Bethlehem Historic District
  • Checked in at Hampton Inn Bethlehem
  • Sands Casino
  • Late takeout dinner from China Star

Day 3 (Bethlehem and Allentown)

  • Lil Li Hi Trout Nursery
  • Bethlehem Steel
  • Lunch at Thai Thai
  • Coffee at The Joint
  • Dinner at Nawab Indian Restaurant
  • Sands Casino

Day 4 (Bethlehem)

  • More walking around Bethlehem
  • Chocolate Lab
  • Lunch at the Sun Inn Tavern
  • Departed for home

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