“Eating New Jersey” Ranked in Feedspot’s Top 50 for Garden State Blogs

I received an email this morning from the founder of a website called Feedspot telling me that Eating New Jersey was selected as a Top 60 blog for the state of New Jersey by their panelists. This is a website that centralizes the way people view the internet, by allowing users to combine their favorite blogs, websites, RSS feeds, YouTube and social media. They also provide listings of blogs to their members that they may find interesting. After checking the website out, I learned some more information: this was not a listing of only food blogs, but all blogs run out of New Jersey. 

Eating New Jersey is ranked #44 and is one of only four food blogs mentioned. We trail only Jersey City Eats, Jersey Bites, and Jersey Girl Cooks, all of which are major websites. For this ranking, they took into account the following: Google Reputation and Google Search Ranking, social media popularity and influence, quality and consistency, and Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review. I am honored and excited to be a part of this list. It makes me happy that my hard work providing content has not be for nothing. Thanks to all my followers and viewers for their readership!


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