Restaurant Review #188: Paris Baguette (Edison, NJ)

Paris Baguette is the place that puts the food scene in the H-Mart shopping plaza over the top. There’s already a spot for Malaysian cuisine, a Mongolian Hot Pot, a Boom Boom Chicken, a Korean BBQ buffet, and the actual food court inside the supermarket has kiosks that are better than most actual Asian restaurants. Do we really need a French-Korean bakery at this point? Whose insane idea was it? What did we do to deserve so much greatness concentrated in one area?

I have never eaten here on an empty stomach. My waistline is grateful for that. Usually, a visit is commonplace after chowing down inside H-Mart, or most recently, the Edison Noodle House just a mile or so down Route 27. It has become a tradition to hit up Paris Baguette after walking around H-Mart for a solid hour marveling at all the foods I want to buy and then leaving with 46 cents worth of bok choy. But I digress. Back to the matter at hand.

For starters, Paris Baguette is absolutely gorgeous inside. This is no small cafe. The dining area is spacious with high ceilings. Cute tables line both of the walls. Once you make it past the seating area, you are invited to grab a tray and some tongs, and walk up and down two islands of pastries they have. These are beautifully presented and always looking fresh. They have everything from breads to hot dogs “Pigs in a Blanket” style. Some items are Asian-inspired, such as puff pastry with either red bean or green pea paste, and of course there’s curry. Others take on a more savory or American approach, such as a creation with ham and cheese, and their seafood salad, which comes out looking like a lobster roll.

On tap the other day were two on the “lighter side”, which Justin and I shared. The first was an almond croissant that achieved perfection. The outside had a crunch before giving away to an airy, fluffy middle. It was not heavy, nor was it too sweet. Also was another pastry topped with almonds and stuffed with cream cheese in the middle. This managed to not be too heavy either. Both were delicious. I grabbed an iced green tea to drink while he had (I forgot the exact name) some kind of blue raspberry lemonade. I stole a sip or three and was delighted to find that it was more on the tart and bitter side than sweet. The perfect compliment to a dessert and way to finish off a food-packed afternoon.

Paris Baguette is going to get a 3.5 out of 5 stars from me. Whether you just want to grab a quick coffee, or sit down with your laptop and a  snack, they never fail to provide quality. The variety is there, ranging from sugary and sweet to a savory meal. They even have light sandwiches in their refrigerated section. For special occasions, treat yourself with a beautiful designer cake. Pictures of this place won’t do it justice. Go see for yourself.

This restaurant is located at 1739 NJ-27 in Edison, NJ.


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