Dunkin’ Donuts to Add “Donut Fries”

Image via Shutterstock

While IHOP was fixing their financial crisis with a name change, Dunkin’ Donuts was working on something sinister. This is according to an anonymous insider. Customers will be saying hello to donut fries beginning in July. Such items have been available on a test-run basis at select locations around the country, but only this summer will they be added as a regular menu item. According to my source:

“They will be covered in brown sugar and cinnamon, with six to an order. They are served warm and there currently is no indication that they will be accompanied by a dipping sauce, but that can change. It would make sense.”

He also mentioned that Dunkin’ will be introducing a “nut-based” donut shortly as well. He does not have any additional information at this time, but managers will be taking a webinar lesson on this next week. This is probably going to be focused on limiting cross-contamination for people who have nut allergies.

Anyway, this is not groundbreaking news, and I rarely cover fast-food or chain business on this blog. However, being on the Jersey Shore  has shown me how incredibly busy Dunkin’ locations get on summer weekends. I can definitely see donut fries becoming a smash hit along with a Coolatta or iced coffee as people hit the beaches.

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