Shots From This Year’s Thai New Year Celebration at Kunya Siam

For the fourth year, I found myself working at Kunya Siam in Atlantic Highlands for their Thai New Year celebration, also known as the Songkran Festival. I could explain how I came to work in a Thai restaurant once or twice a year, but it is a rather long story. We will make this post just about the food and the people. This was the first year Kunya decided to expand the celebration to two nights, with two seatings each night. Since each year had sold out (and had a waiting list) this was a no-brainer. The end result in 2018 would be two sold out nights and still a waiting list. She may have to expand to three nights…or a whole week next year.

“The calm before the storm.”
What a line-up!

The station for cooking Pak-Mor, which was done in the front of the restaurant so customers could see it. These were little dumplings consisting of a rice flour dough wrapped around a mixture of minced chicken and chopped peanuts. A delicious and crunchy way to start the evening.
The Pak Mor was prepared by this beautiful lady!
The Coffee Duck being prepared in the kitchen.
A tray with all the goodies was given to each customer.
A beautiful dessert and light way to end the meal.
The crowd pauses their eating to enjoy two sets of traditional Thai dancing.
Desserts being assembled in the prep room.
My friend Sherilyn Przelomski is the one who got me involved with Kunya Siam over four years ago.
Lastly, here I am with the owner of this wonderful business: Kunya herself!

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