Restaurant Review #163: Galata Turkish Cuisine (Marlboro, NJ)

This is a case of social media having an effect on food advertising. I was first made aware of Galata Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine by stumbling upon their Instagram account a few months ago. I then checked out their website and menu, and decided I would give it a try the next time I was heading towards Freehold. That day came recently. I’m all for trying middle eastern food at as many places as I can. I love Sahara 34, but there is never a soul in the place. Not that being the only table in a restaurant would deter me from going, but it is nice to have people around. Galata had a decent amount of tables when my mom and I went there for lunch two weeks ago. 

They offer a lunch special for $10.99 which includes an entrée served with rice and greens, and an appetizer. I usually eat hummus for lunch every day anyway, so I went with that. The meal was lamb shish. Now, this was the first time I had ever tried lamb “straight up”. The other occasions were ground into a sausage for a kebab at an Indian restaurant, and the other, ironically enough, was in a Jamaican stew at Bahama Breeze. Galata managed to serve it better than both. The cubes were tender, pink in the middle, and well-seasoned. It was a beautiful piece of meat. The side of rice, greens, a grilled tomato, and a small dish of three sauces rounded out the meal.

As for the hummus, it was homemade and a bit different than what I have had. At Sahara, their hummus was more loose and oily. This was drier, had a slight hint of cumin, and was given a light drizzle of olive oil and dotted with an olive and some parsley. Before the food arrived, they gave a complimentary basket (and refills) of freshly grilled pita bread and a small bowl of extra virgin olive oil. My drink was a Turkish Coffee, which I hadn’t drunk in years. It was a small cup, but strong enough to put hair on your chest. A much-needed jolt after spending a couple of hours wearily taking care of some business in Freehold.

For a quick lunch, Galata managed to impress. I am giving them a 4 out of 5 stars. I definitely want to come back for dinner. Would I try something new, or get the lamb again? Hmm…that’s a good question.

Galata is located at 2 Ryan Road in Marlboro, New Jersey.r



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