“Photo of the Day” on Break Until November

Last year’s film screenings at the Strauss Mansion with some Jim Beam “Ghost” whiskey in a skull cup.

October is my busiest month of the year. I volunteer at a museum that is haunted, and we do events all month long. I also lecture on the subject of paranormal activity and hauntings at historic sites for Brookdale Community College. All of that and I try to watch and review as many horror movies as I can over on my personal blog (which has become devoted almost entirely to movies in the last couple of years), Reel to Real. I usually post one review a day as I spend almost every waking moment of my free time in October watching horror movies. Because of this, my “Photo of the Day” posts will be taking a little break until November (restaurant reviews and other food write-ups will still be coming). Perhaps if I cut myself in half, I would be able to do it all, but then I would still need a third me to work my full-time job. Thanks to all who are daily readers of this blog. Join me for some ghostly fun on my other blog! Something different never hurt anyone.


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