Restaurant Review #141: Cafe Paris (Metuchen, NJ)

Will and I walked into Cafe Paris right after dinner at Hailey’s Harp and Pub, which is across the road and a little farther down Main Street in Metuchen. The place was empty since it was near closing time. Only one table taken inside. It was a couple, sitting next to each other, having dinner. A bottle of wine was opened. It was a picture-perfect moment. Had I been a professional photographer, I would have risked looking like a creep and asked to take their picture. It could have been framed. Everything about the setup and atmosphere of this cafe really does take you away to some place else. We originally thought they just offered crepes, desserts, and coffees, but they do actually have a full menu with all manner of items including the famous Beef Bourguignon made popular in the US by Julia Child. 

Since we were stuffed, we each grabbed a small dessert and some coffee. You may be wondering why I am even bothering to write and is such an experience worthy of a rating? I grappled with the same thought. Surely, it is hard to judge a restaurant on such a visit. But I have a feeling. It left a good impression. Will had three macarons and a mochaccino, which was presented and prepared beautifully. Same for my Almond Joy Cappuccino. The swirls of chocolate combined with an intensely sweet almond flavor and aroma made this a dessert in itself. Not hungry enough for a crepe (which seems to be a highlight of their menu—both dessert style and more savory options), I grabbed what was probably the least French of all French things in this French restaurant: a slice of cherry pie. It just looked good. The gentleman asked if I wanted it heated, and I said yes. It came out looking delightful.

I am giving Cafe Paris a 3.5 out of 5 stars, but that is more like a placeholder than anything else. I want to come back for dinner or crepes in the near future, which will give me a more accurate idea of what this place is all about. But like I said earlier, I have a good feeling. They left a great impression on me.

Cafe Paris is located at 439 Main Street in Metuchen, New Jersey.


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