Restaurant Review #138: Rumspringa Brewing Company (Bird-in-Hand, PA)

There’s a red barn-looking building on 340 that I have driven past for years. It contains the Rumspringa Brewing Company as well as the Mount Hope Winery tasting gallery. Figuring it would not be a bad thing to try something new, we pulled over. I thought we would be there a few minutes, maybe take a swig of a couple of wine samples, buy a bottle to go, and hit the road. We ended up being there quite a bit longer.

Just a few of their sample offerings.

They have an excellent selection of every kind of wine you can think of. Whites, reds, sweet, dry, even dessert wines and mead. That’s just the downstairs winery area. Lined up on a wooden counter was a bottle of almost every offering they have. Free samples are unlimited, but we did not want to be greedy. I tried the sweet Riesling and Pennsylvania Merlot, buying a bottle of the former. My friend tried a few as well, and after he raved about a sweet white wine called “Quilter’s Delight”, I too tried it and thought it was delicious. We ended up with a bottle of that too.

Upstairs we went. Just wanted to check out the brewery portion. I was surprised to see an actual bar with a food menu. They had some snacks and appetizers including a pretzels and dips. We were full from lunch, so we did not eat anything. But we did grab a drink…or four. They had flights of both beer and wine. Each came with four different kinds and were priced at $7 and $6 respectively.

I went with a beer flight. Not knowing anything about Rumspringa beer, I told the bartender that I do not like bitter and would trust his judgment on selecting my four. He did a damn good job—  three beers and a cider. It included Harvest Gold, Red Caboose, Wild Oats Stout, and Raspberry Cider. I enjoyed all that I tried, though I was so stuffed by the time I got to the stout that I left most of it. It had a coffee-like aroma and an aftertaste that I would compare to tobacco. It was the most full-bodied of the four. Harvest Gold was like a Kolsch while Red Caboose was compared by the bartender to Killian’s. The cider acted as a great palate cleanser in between sips of different beers. Its sweetness counteracted the other flavors. He too loved his wine, especially the sangria.

These were amazing serving sizes when you consider the price. Mine was probably the equivalent of two pints while his was two glasses of wine. I cannot remember leaving anywhere so satisfied in recent memory. Normally, I would not give a rating to a place like this, especially since we did not eat any food, but we both had such a great time. The atmosphere and woodwork of the building was unbeatable. It was relaxing. Just hanging out with a board game and sipping some great booze. I will give them 4 out of 5 stars, but next time would order food and it would probably climb even higher. I feel like this will be a must-visit on every trip to Lancaster from now on.

Rumspringa Brewing Company is located at 3174 Old Philadelphia Pike in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. 


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