Travel Guide PA: Upcoming Stay at a New Lancaster Hotel

Photo: Lancaster Online

I’m excited to be heading out to Lancaster for a couple of days tomorrow. As you all know, these last couple of months have not exactly been the best in my life. The situation for a small getaway arose, so we are making the most of it in spur-of-the-moment fashion. For most of my life visiting Lancaster, I have stayed at the Fulton Steamboat. While I still absolutely love it, a quest for further accumulating Hilton Honors Points led us to try the Hilton Garden Inn out there for the first time in the spring. Usually, I only stay at Hilton when travelling. Lancaster was the exception because there was never a location properly situated in the county area. Hilton’s Double Tree and Garden Inn are more aimed at city visitors and are really far from the attractions that most people find themselves going to.

Then just this month, Hilton unveiled their newest brand, Tru, which is taking up property nearly across from Dutch Wonderland on Route 30—a perfect location. It’s on the way to the city, but smack-dab in the middle of all the county attractions. On our last visit, the frame had been constructed, and now the hotel has officially opened this month.

Most pictures available online are digital renderings. The design is an interesting one. It seems aimed more at younger travelers. That is just my opinion, because of the architecture and style. The website says “quaint and modern”, and I can definitely see that. The theme is more on the fun side, with a “Build Your Own Breakfast” bar, lounge, game center, snack bar, and marketplace. The price is also on the affordable side, coming in at an average of $30 less per night than other area accommodations of the same caliber.

We will be checking in tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. This trip really did not have much planning (not that we need to). I know Lancaster like the back of my hand. We are hoping to do Longwood Gardens tomorrow night to check out the new fountains and luminary display after spending the day browsing around some favorite antique shops. Friday, if the weather permits, I want to take him to the Green Dragon out in Ephrata, a large market and flea market. I’ve been there many times, but this would be his first. Stay tuned for more. “Photo of the Day” posts are going to be on hold until Sunday.

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