Pitaya on the Beach

Pitaya Bowls and a Smoothie

Today I had something called a Pitaya Bowl for the first time. I am in the midst of a Lenni Lenape Camp for Brookdale down on Sandy Hook. One of our guides, Sarah, spotted a Playa Bowls food truck selling Pitaya and said I needed to try it for my food blog. We headed over along with Kathy, our camp leader, and placed an order. The resulting product was impressive, leading me to wonder how I never heard of it before. Sarah spent some time in Hawaii, so this was natural for her. But for me, totally exotic.

Pitaya is actually dragonfruit. For this bowl, it was blended with acai, bananas, and honey into a yogurt-like consistency. It was then poured into a bowl over granola, topped with fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries, honey, and more granola.

Sarah and I with our Pitaya Bowls.

I loved it. The fruit was fresh and ripe, the granola crunchy and plentiful, and the honey poured over the top added an additional sweetness. The serving was large enough to satisfy—honestly, I felt stuffed when I finished it. I couldn’t believe the amount of granola. Sarah said it was more than she had seen in other preparations.

My only complaint was the price. The food pictured came to $28. Kathy graciously paid the pound-of-flesh to treat us. I suppose for the amount of fruit and granola, it’s not terrible. Hard to be angry eating such a fresh and delicious meal on the beach in gorgeous weather.

Thanks Kathy!

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