Photo of the Day: August 16, 2017

In June, I went to my first Somerset Patriots game in about five years (it’s so much fun—I’ve been to a few since). I used to go to about seven or eight games a year with my dad, but kind of fizzled out for no particular reason. It was great getting back there. Hockey is my first love, but baseball is a close second. The Patriots play in the Atlantic League, which is the highest level of independent baseball play. I prefer them to the Lakewood Blueclaws because you never know what former major leaguer you may spot, or who might be signed to the MLB at any time.

Most people go for hot dogs at a baseball game, but I’m more of a chicken fingers and fries guy there. They even have a cheesesteak stand which is surprisingly good. Oh, and a beer, of course. Summer Shandy and baseball on a warm night is a damn near unbeatable combination. They also boast a “healthy” eating section on the menu board which includes veggie, turkey, and Portobello mushroom burgers. But come on, this is a baseball game. You’re not supposed to eat healthy! I snack all game long.


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