Restaurant Review #135: What’s Brewing at Maria’s (Frenchtown, NJ)

Tucked away on Bridge Street in the quaint, little hamlet of Frenchtown is a place called What’s Brewing at Maria’s. It’s a stop that rounded out a wonderful day-trip to the town last week which also included a visit to the National Hotel. After a good meal and a lot of walking around in one of the specialty shops or even the trails along the Delaware River, your sweet-tooth will beckon. Maria’s is located right next to a bike rental shop (which seems to be quite popular). It’s on the corner of a rounded curve in the street. There are a few tables outside, only two inside, and then the counter full of baked goods. In the back room, there is an ice cream parlor with a few more tables.

Any place you can get an almond crescent of this quality for only $2.50 is going to get high marks from me. It was slightly crunchy on the outside before giving way to a pillowy middle. A minimal amount of icing gave it an additional sweetness without going overboard. Throw in an old-fashioned egg cream (a drink forgotten by time consisting of seltzer, milk or cream, and chocolate syrup) and I’m hooked.

My friend ended up with an iced coffee, a macaron, and an over-sized cookie. The total bill for all of this was a little over $10. Forgive me if I make yet another price comparison. Had this been in Red Bank or nearby New Hope, the price would have been double what we paid. Maria’s is a cute shop with a small-town vibe, great prices, and nice atmosphere. I’ll give them 3.5 out of 5 stars for our recent experience.

What’s Brewing at Maria’s is located at 52 Bridge Street in Frenchtown, New Jersey.


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