Product Review: Cask & Crew Walnut Toffee Whiskey

I’m not a fan of flavored whiskeys (or whiskey liqueurs as I like to call them). I do not keep any on my bar. That changed with the addition of Cask & Crew walnut toffee flavored whiskey. Will bought me a bottle as a random gift under advice from his friend Noelle (she’s two for two with whiskey suggestions), thinking it was something I would enjoy. After a rough day, I popped out the cork and was met with an insanely tantalizing aroma of walnut and toffee. It smelled as advertised. But alas, most flavored whiskeys smell great. It’s during the taste or aftertaste where they fall apart. How would this one stand up?

I was actually shocked by the flavor. It literally tasted like it was supposed to. The best part was that despite a dessert-like quality, it was not too sweet. There was just enough of it to allow the whiskey flavor to come through. Nothing artificial or false about this product. The blend itself is 51% Canadian Rye and the rest barrel-aged American corn. You can actually taste it, resting easily on the palate. Even my mom, who does not drink whiskey, took a whiff and just had to have a sip.

Cask and Crew walnut toffee whiskey can be enjoyed sipped straight, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail (a splash of Coke and a cherry is all I have added so far, and it’s great). I have even used it in cooking my old Brussels Sprouts recipe. Overall, highly recommended. I cannot wait to experiment more.


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