Two of the Best French Bakeries Around

When you think about it, Red Bank, NJ and New Hope, PA are very similar. Both are located near a river, both offer posh specialty shops, both have pricey restaurants (ranging from the well-executed to the pretentious). While New Hope may have a bit more history, one thing is for sure, the similarities include fantastic French bakeries in both locations. After a day of antique shopping and having lunch somewhere, all that walking around calls for some dessert. The two places below are where you can get a fix for your sweet tooth.

Review #126: C’est La Vie (New Hope, PA)

It’s hidden down an alleyway and overlooking the river. The scenery does not get much better if you are able to get one of their tables out back. Inside is tiny. You have to grab your food and go. C’est La Vie does offer a bit more than pastries, including baguettes and pastry dough stuffed with meats and all kinds of goodies. You actually could do lunch there. My last visit was a year ago. When I was in town just this past winter, they were closed for the day. I was really looking forward to it. From their tarts to their cookies, I have enjoyed it all. Prices too are not bad for the area. Grab a Cafe Au Lait, pistachio cone, and kick back by the river. It doesn’t get much better. 4 out of 5 stars.

Review #125: Antoinette Boulangerie (Red Bank, NJ)

I was just here two weeks ago, which was my second visit. Again, this is another place in a very expensive area whose prices are adequate for the product. You can see the care and design in each pastry and dessert. They are beautiful, like mini works of art. The vanilla eclair practically melted away in my mouth, while a chocolate cloud cookie provided a much-needed crunch. My friend grabbed an order of Macarons, which were the best he has ever had. The meringue was light and fluffy, and dissolves on the tongue. I’m glad this place is close by. 4 out of 5 stars.


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