Portuguese Manor’s Lethal Spanish Coffee

The Spanish coffee, with a Tartufo looming in the background.

I never thought I would make a post about a dessert coffee, but this is well-deserved. Perth Amboy’s Portuguese Manor is without a doubt my favorite restaurant. You can see why here. Since the initial review, I have posted a couple of updates, including this one on their awesomely spicy Zarzuela seafood stew. I rarely deviate from my ordering habits, so when I try something new at a place like this, there should be trumpets blaring loudly. The coffee here, I always thought, was very high quality stuff. But last week, at my most recent visit, it had occurred to me that I had never tried one of their specialty coffees. That needed to change.

There were a couple of interesting choices, but the Spanish coffee sounded too good to pass up. Usually places just mix in some Kahlua and ten pounds of whipped cream, but Portuguese Manor goes the extra step, adding Licor 43 and brandy in addition to the Kahlua. The result is a coffee sent directly from heaven. Sweet, strong, rich, creamy, and potent. Just breathing in the steam will clear your nasal passages. The brandy is the dominating aroma, but upon taste, it’s barely there. But it does a lot to deliver the kick this coffee brings. The Kahlua and Licor 43 contribute a pleasant sweetness which works well with the ever-melting whipped cream. Best coffee ever? Oh yeah. What a shame you can’t start your morning off with a cup of it.

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