Travel Guide MD: Upgrading the Crab Bag to Five Stars (Ocean City)

Will working through snow crab legs.

A voice in my head shrieked, “Don’t do it, Greg! Don’t do it!” as I contemplated ordering a steak off the menu of this seafood joint. In fact, when we were here in December and reviewed it, I even mentioned how asinine it would be to order a non-seafood item in a place such as this. Last time, Will had the snow crab legs and shrimp combo. He was getting it again. No doubt about it. For days, I looked forward to ordering the same thing. But for some reason, at the last minute, the sirloin was calling my name. I went ahead and added a topping of Crab Imperial for an additional $7.95 just so I could say I had crab at the Crab Bag (I still did better than the lady at the table next to us who ordered a cheeseburger. That should be a crime). 

After I placed my order, I had second thoughts. Did I make a mistake? A steak at a place known for crabs which sits about a few hundred feet from the bay. Surely, I would end up either impressed or disgusted while echos of “You should have known better” roll on in the back of my head.

However, the end result was something I did not expect. It was impressive. No, beyond impressive. This was as good a steak as I have had anywhere else. The size may have been a bit on the small side (probably six or seven ounces), but it was perfectly seasoned and cooked to my specification of rare. There was not a micron of fat on the entire piece. My first incision into the end of the meat rendered blood. When it comes to a rare steak, if the end bleeds, you know the middle is going to be amazing.

Yes, this was a rare steak. Hardly anyone can do it right anymore. Blood and juices seeped into the plate with every cut. The Crab Imperial (which had been broiled) on top was like a work of art. Chunks of crab in a creamy and cheesy but not runny sauce, slightly salty, with only a hint of Old Bay seasoning. As it began to melt due to the heat of the steak, the crab and its flavoring combined with the blood creating a makeshift blush sauce in the bottom of my plate. This may be in my top five of best five meals I have ever had in my life. I only wish the steak was a bit bigger. I would have been in heaven.

Just like last time, Will loved his combination platter. Two massive hunks of snow crab legs and a half pound of steamed, spiced shrimp. Done just right, they rendered cocktail sauce useless. They were good enough on their own. Both of us had sides of coleslaw and corn bread, served hot with a pad of butter. This was not a good night for cholesterol. But what a meal it was, great while washed down with an ice-cold bottle of Corona.

All this being said, I am left with no choice but to upgrade The Crab Bag to a 5 out of 5 stars up from 4.5 this past December. Everything was perfect. The service was attentive, and more importantly, they do not rush you out. After all, to work through the crabs in these seafood platters, you will need almost an hour to finish. This is a great place to hang out, pig out, and have a good time. We will be back!

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