Coming Up on 100 Restaurant Reviews

Massaman Curry Chicken at Lambertville’s Thai Tida.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my 100th restaurant review. I first started doing food write-ups in the spring of 2015 on my personal blog after looking to try something new. This past fall, I decided to move all of my food and drink writing to a separate website, which I called Eating New Jersey. There is also a Travel Guide for my out-of-state adventures. 

Restaurant #100 is a place which is very special to me for various reasons. Since I have a few reviews done and waiting in drafts, I wanted to pick one which has some importance.

During this time eating, drinking, and writing, I have met some interesting people in the restaurant industry as well as made connections which will hopefully last a lifetime. Then there are the memories made with those I have shared these meals with. I have always felt the purpose of this blog was a simple one: to eat good food and give credit where credit is due. I consider myself a competent cook who knows his way around the kitchen, but I am not a chef. I suppose my reviews have that kind of spin. I am not always looking for fine cuisine. I just want food that tastes good and an experience worthy of writing about. I would say 90% of my reviews have been positive. But in the interest of honesty, there have been a few places over the years I would advise you stay away from.

I’ve only given six 5-star ratings: Portuguese Manor (my favorite restaurant, located in Perth Amboy), Thai Tida (Lambertville), Bollywood Tadka (East Brunswick), Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine (Middletown), Black Eyed Sally’s (Hartford, CT), and A Taste of Britain (Wayne, PA).

I hope to keep the reviews coming for years to come. The second set of 100 will begin later this week when Will and I head to Maryland for a few days. There were some excellent locations in Ocean City we will be returning to (such as The Crab Bag and the best-named restaurant ever, Tequila Mockingbird) but I hope to get some new places up on Travel Guide MD.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your readership. It means a lot to me. Have a good one!


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