One of My New Favorite Whiskey Cocktails

The key to this drink.

It’s a Frankenstein concoction. A bunch of ingredients together which you probably would not normally mix. But when you’re bored and have time to experiment, why not throw it all together and see how it tastes? This drink is going to feature Canadian Mist. Not a great sipping whiskey, but excellent for mixing. It’s a good, cheap product. You can pick up a 1.75 L handle for around $20, and it will last a long time (well, depending on how much you drink). Let’s call this a different take on the Manhattan. Hmmm here’s a thought: we can name it the Toronto.

2 ounces of Canadian Mist

1 ounce sweet Vermouth (Martini & Rossi)

5 dashes of spiced cherry bitters (Woodford Reserve)

3 ounces of ginger ale (or more or less to taste)

Since we’re going with that whole Canadian motif, we might as well use Canada Dry ginger ale. The result is the taste you would get from a Manhattan, but not a strong whiskey taste. It is more subdued. The soda adds some refreshing carbonation and sweetness, while those awesome cherry bitters give you a hint of flavor at the back of your throat. Don’t be afraid to go overboard on the bitters. The sugar in the soda will take care of that. Enjoy in all weather, especially if you’re snowed in tomorrow like I will be.


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