Restaurant Review #99: Thai Thai Cuisine (Old Bridge, NJ)

With two friends who own Thai restaurants in New Jersey, I know good Thai food when I see it, err, taste it. I had eaten at this establishment years ago when it was Pooket. Since it changed to Thai Thai, I had driven past many times without giving it much thought. Then last week, my friend and I were looking to try something new. We literally got in the car and started driving without knowing what restaurant we would end up at. This spontaneity is a departure from the norm. I’m methodical and do not like surprises. As we drove along, we ended up here, and I am glad we did.

The atmosphere featured dimly lit candles and a simple, elegant design. The service was pleasant and all smiles. I started off with a Thai iced tea—rich, creamy, and sweet. Our appetizer was the fried tofu. I used to order something just like it at Mie Thai in Woodbridge. Unfortunately, the dish here was not as good. A plentiful portion (10 pieces) but the tofu itself could have used some seasoning. There also was not any coating either. Mie Thai would batter theirs before frying and it added to the crispness and flavor. The sweet peanut sauce on the side was good, but it lacked the punch to help save the lackluster tofu.

My entree was intriguingly named “B.K.K”. This contained slices of fried chicken, asparagus, and onion in a chili garlic sauce. It was one of the most well-crafted sauces I’ve ever had. Not too salty, slightly sweet, and an almost velvety smooth consistency. My only complaint is that I wish they gave more chicken in the dish, because there was so much of that amazing sauce left when I was finished that did not get used. I sopped up as much as I could with the side of white rice which accompanied the meal. He had fried rice with crab. He enjoyed it. So much so that I did not even get a chance to try it.

As for dessert, I had green tea ice cream. I love the stuff and order almost every chance I get. In Asian markets, it is way too expensive for me to bring home (would you pay upwards of $12 for ice cream?), so I just make sure to order it when out to eat. For $5, there were three large scoops with a raspberry syrup drizzled overhead. He went with the fried ice cream ($6), which he also loved. It was done just right. Both were presented beautifully. With what places charge for desserts today, these were adequately priced and sized.

Thai Thai serves up quality cuisine, but it comes in a little pricier than other Thai restaurants I have been to (my chicken meal was $14.95). Still, it is worth trying and I would definitely want to come back a second time. I will give them 4 out of 5 stars.

Thai Thai Cuisine is located at 3843 County Road 516 in Old Bridge, New Jersey.



  1. I love this Thai place! Not my favorite, but it’s great to have a good Thai place close to where I live. You should go to Comfi in Old bridge!

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