Travel Guide PA: An Update to My Review of the Half Moon (Kennett Square)


Our first visit in August was so good, we needed to go back. Please click here to see the original review. Below is my update after this last visit a few days ago.

In our first night back in Kennett Square, we wanted to go the Half Moon again. I contemplated ordering the same pulled elk sandwich but was convinced to try something new. Well, kind of new. They had an elk steak on the menu that was calling my name. I ordered it rare (like I always do, and was told by the waiter that this particular meat should not be ordered higher than medium-rare). While the flavor was incredible and there was not a speck of fat on the meat, it was so chewy. Like, so chewy my jaw hurt. The knife could barely cut it. My fork bent as I held it in place. It took a long time to work my way through it. This was a damn shame because the flavor was there. Beautifully lean, rare meat covered in a sour cherry gravy and served with grilled asparagus and over mashed butternut squash. $28 was the price of this meal. Will’s entrée too was a bit of a downer. The butternut squash ravioli which was nicely presented but lacked flavor.

I have since read that elk needs to be cooked low and slow for up to 12 hours in order to break it down and make it tender. This would explain why the pulled elk sandwich (which was prepared that way–13 hours according to their menu) was amazingly tender while this steak was not.


Half Moon retains its original 4.5 star rating because of two things: the cocktail I had, which was called the “Old Buffalo”, and a crab-nacho appetizer we had. The drink was Buffalo Trace bourbon, bitters, brown sugar, and a muddled cherry and orange slice. Only $7, which I could live with. For $13, the nachos were out of this world amazing. We took a chance getting crab in Pennsylvania (it’s always frozen and of poor quality) but we were still in a seafood mood coming from Maryland. As it happens, the crabmeat was fresh and jumbo lump, and a large quantity. It came over blue corn tortilla chips and was topped with a warm artichoke salad, black beans, avocado salsa, and a Feta/Jack cheese combination. The flavors and textures were like a party in my mouth. I would have come back another night just for this appetizer.

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