Travel Guide MD: Thrasher’s French Fries and the Ocean City Boardwalk


They’ve been on almost every food and travel show in TV history. Thrasher’s has been a staple on the famous Ocean City boardwalk since 1929. Even in all my years visiting here as a kid, I never went to Thrasher’s. Well, that changed the other day. I just had to finally give them a try. A medium-sized order went for $8.25 but it was big enough to get the job done. It’s the only item on their menu. No other food, not even soda from what I could tell. The other thing missing? Ketchup. It’s not even on the counter as an option. You can eat your fries as they come or add malt vinegar and salt. That’s what is provided for you.

In an age with a hipster “foodie” culture wanting to doctor the hell out of everything, I can appreciate Thrasher’s staying put where they are. Take your fries, and get the hell out. There was even a line as the temperatures dropped on our second day to the mid-40’s. The fries themselves were good. Worth being the bane of all these travel shows’ existences? Maybe not, but still worth getting. They were burning hot, right out of the fryer and relatively crispy. 4 out of 5 stars (review #78).


The Boardwalk

I was surprised to see a few arcades open at this time of the year. A few of the other food stands were also open. After playing some skee-ball and feeling like a little kid for a few moments, we stopped at King’s, famous for their funnel cakes. But we noticed fried Twinkies were on the menu, so we got two of them. Shockingly, amazing, they were out of this world. Not greasy or soggy, but well-cooked (to order), with the cream on the inside just hot enough.



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