Christmas 2016: Four Kinds of Egg Nog at “Nog Fest”


At our historical society’s Christmas party this weekend, we held a mini “Nog Fest”. Joanne had been raving about Mr. Boston for months, while I wanted to submit my favorite, Pennsylvania Dutch. However, when it came time to shop for this party, my go-to was out of stock. So, I had to settle for Zackariah Harris, a brand which offers cheap bourbon at around $9.99 a bottle. I never tried anything by them before, and their egg nog was only $7.99. Meanwhile, Mary bought Turkey Hill and doctored it herself, adding Jack Daniel’s and Christian Brothers’ brandy. Lynn whipped up a batch of egg nog jello shots, the booze of which was vodka. They were topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon.

Those were the four. The consensus was that my Zackariah Harris was the strongest (I thought it had good flavor, but was way too thick), but Mr. Boston took home the prize as the best overall egg nog. I actually agreed. It wasn’t too thick and you could taste all the flavors one would look for in a winter/Christmas beverage. The alcohol was masked, which to me, is important in a cream-based liqueur. I liked Mary’s a lot too—the Jack gave it an interesting aroma. The jello shots were also highly unique. The alcohol settled to the bottom, which gave it a late kick. In the end, every bottle was finished without a drop to spare. It was a fun little “competition”.

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