Christmas 2016 Product Review: Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin


I admit it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a “different” kind of gin to play around with or to get the gin lover in your life for Christmas, then Opihr might be the one. What we have here is a London dry gin that looks for a flavor profile which is more oriental than botanical-based. Rather than getting fresh junipers or a burst of citrus, your palate is instead hit with a peppery spice. No doubt they used peppercorns in their distillation process instead of juniper berries. Opihr will catch you off guard at first. It tastes as it smells: like a pepper-mill. For that reason, I imagine you will either love it or hate it, so choose wisely.

Gin and tonics become transformed. That’s a good thing. The gin does not become masked by the tonic or lime. Martinis all take on a different complexion. Opihr breaks through the vermouth and is the dominant force. I really haven’t had anything like it. It literally tastes how it smells, which is rare. Who will enjoy: the die-hard gin lover, the mixologist, the person always looking for a new cocktail. Not to mention, it’s a beautiful bottle.

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