Restaurant Review #68: RJ’s Mexican Cuisine (Dallas, TX)


It was actually when we were sitting in Gator’s for dinner next door did we stumble upon a review site for this restaurant on my friend’s phone. He showed me the pictures someone took of dessert, and instantly, we asked, “Where is this place?!” Our jaws dropped when we realized it was literally adjoined to the building we were sitting in. We finished up, took a walk around town for a bit so we could digest, and then stopped into RJ’s for dessert and drinks.

The waitress was super friendly, intrigued that we only wanted dessert. We realized we wanted to try a frozen drink as well, so she recommended the house frozen margaritas. They ended up being $12 each, the going rate in town. On the bright side, it might be one of the strongest I have ever drank in my life. Talk about the kick of an angry mule. Three sips in and I was already feeling it. One of the joys of not renting a car and simply walking everywhere made experiences like this possible. We really could eat and drink our way through Dallas without any worry. And that’s exactly what we did.

The tortilla sundae to the right, while the fried cheesecake is left.
The tortilla sundae to the right, while the fried cheesecake is left.

The behemoth desserts arrived, at only $7 each. Upon setting them down on the table, our responses alternated between “Oh my God” and “Holy Shit”. The first, was a massive Bananas Foster sundae in a tortilla shell, complete with at least five or six whole strawberries and thick banana slices. Our other order was the fried cheesecake, which came in two large wedges, drizzled with syrup, more ice cream, and even more strawberries. All tasted fresh and carefully prepared. The waitress was so pleasant and did not rush us out, and she receives major points for not pushing another drink on us. After all, we needed to sit there for a while to give that margarita time to wear off! I’m going to give them 4 out of 5 stars, but it would probably be higher if we had eaten full meals there. Maybe next time.

This post was originally published here. RJ’s Mexican Cuisine is located at 1701 North Market Street in Dallas, Texas.



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