Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog for Your Christmas Party


Whether you just want a little holiday buzz or need liquid courage to tolerate your relatives, who doesn’t love a good Egg Nog on Christmas? I’ve never actually had the traditional product, liquor aside, because the thought of downing cold, un-cooked eggs was never appealing. However, there are a good bunch of recipes that do not include egg at all, yet apparently bear the same taste and consistency of the original. I’m not going to get into that. I’m here to talk about the pre-made bottled stuff, sold as Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog. You can find it in stores anywhere from $8.99 to about $10.99. Served ice-cold, this cocktail will get you into the Christmas spirit. It contains no eggs at all…just some rum, brandy, and whiskey blended with fresh dairy cream.

You can serve it topped with a little cinnamon or nutmeg sprinkle, but I must warn against that. There is a distinct difference in flavor when it is “seasoned” with such spices or served straight. Not just flavor, but strength. The Egg Nog was noticeably stronger without the cinnamon. I’ll wait for a chemist to read this and tell me why that may be, unless it is just all in my head. Nevertheless, give it a try this Christmas, but don’t you dare put it on the rocks.



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