November is Travel Month!

A shop in the historic Mystic Seaport as the rigging of the Charles W. Morgan looms in the background.

With fall and winter breaks coming up soon, and people already eyeing up vacation planning for spring break, I am going to take the month of November to focus on travel. We’ll be seeing my food posts from Hartford and Mystic Connecticut, as well as Lancaster, Kennett Square, and New Hope, Pennsylvania. This will also be preparation for me. In the spring, I will be lecturing on travelling and eating in Eastern Pennsylvania at Brookdale Community College. I’m really looking forward to that one. It’s a change of pace from my usual history programs, though I do offer a “History of Liquor” class twice a year—that’s just a ton of fun.

My friend and I were trying to get a small trip in this month, but because of work and scheduling conflicts it might not happen. However, we are shooting for a Williamsburg, Virginia trip at the end of December. All of that will be entirely new content, while some of the Pennsylvania and Connecticut ones will be brought over from my personal blog and updated. Hope you enjoy!


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