Quick Hits: Hats Off to Mike’s Dairy and Deli (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

What’s that? He’s writing about a deli? Why yes, yes I am. This may seem out of place but I feel compelled to write a review about a convenience store in Atlantic Highlands named Mike’s (not to be confused with the chain sub shop Jersey Mike’s). There is no inside seating, and their cooking area is a little more than a counter and small griddle, but man, they sure know how to whip up a decent sub. Whenever I am working over at the Strauss Mansion Museum, I find myself here picking up lunch or dinner. All half subs are $6.99, and if you want bacon it’s only a dollar extra. I’ve never ordered the whole, but I don’t have to. They pack so much meat and cheese into their sandwiches that unless you are wandering in from 40 days in the desert, you can probably be suited with a half. I like to get their “Garden State” sub, which is Chipotle chicken, spicy Gouda cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a peppercorn mayonnaise. Other combos contain the norm you can expect from a deli, and they also offer breakfast sandwiches in the morning.

As a testament to the quality and quantity of Mike’s, a friend of mine who works nearby at a different sandwich shop gets subs from Mike’s several days a week rather than discounted or free at his own place. I don’t even have any pictures of my food from there, because I did not think to add a review about it until now. I strongly recommend them if you are in town and are looking for a quick meal to go. I practically live here in October because of all the work up at the museum. They also throw in a free bag of chips with each order, and the workers are always very friendly. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This review was previously posted here. Mike’s Dairy and Deli is located at  160 First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.



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